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Real Estate Investar's growth and yields suburb reports can help you make better property investment decisions.

Drawn from the very latest property and suburb trends, this invaluable and unique property investing data can help you target areas producing results that match exactly what you are searching for. 

This pack of five property reports gives you in-depth suburb data at both a nationwide and state level. 

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  • Cheapest Rents
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Learn key trends including

  • The 19 suburbs producing 7%+ gross rental yields right now - ideal if you are looking for positive cash flow.
  • In which suburbs you can buy investment property for as little as $115,500 so you can take action now rather than sitting on the sidelines.
  • The 20 suburbs that are producing greater than 38% median price growth right now. Buying in high growth areas can rapidly increase your equity.
  • What's happening in the market right now so you can target locations with the best chance of having properties meeting your particular criteria.