property market new zealand

1. Learn how to use investment property to pay off your family mortgage 10 years sooner.

property portfolio new zealand

2. Understand the real potential of property investment and how many properties you will need to retire comfortably.

property investment new zealand

3. Top 5 mistakes made by property investors and how you can avoid them.

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4. How to maximise your tax refund if you already own property. Find out what you can and can't claim.


Wellington Property Investing Seminar


Wed 4 July

17 Antares Place
Auckland, New Zealand

6.30pm: Registration
7pm - 8.30pm: Presentation
8.30pm - 9pm: Networking

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6 Reasons Why This Is A Must-Attend Event

1) Learn how mow many properties you will need to retire comfortably.

2) How to read ‘The Property Clock’ and why buying off-the-plan makes sense now vs 12, 24 or 36 months’ time..

3) Discover what the best loan structure is for property investors.

4) Why buying off-the-plan makes sense in a rising market.

5) DIY vs expert help. Find out what you really need to do to minimise costly mistakes and maximise returns.

6) Learn the top 5 investing mistakes and how to avoid them.

Real Estate Investar LIVE
Martyn Harries
Head of client strategy and planning at Real Estate Investar, for more than 25 years Martyn has mentored thousands of families to achieve financial security though property investment
Justin Prouse
justin prowse
As a registered Financial Adviser with Apex, Justin has over five years’ experience in New Zealand’s financial services industry.
Sarah Kirkwood
Sarah Kirkwood
Sarah is a Registered Financial Advisor with Apex, specialising in Mortgages. She has 10 years+ experience in Financial Services.