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Capital Growth vs Yields, Wed 19 September, 7pm - 8pm | Register Free >

Property Investment Webinars

[Webinar] Beginner's Guide to Investing in Property

This webinar is scheduled for the following dates at 7pm

  • Tuesday 25 September
  • Tuesday 23 October

Interested in property investment, but not sure quite where to start? Invest in your education and join us for this FREE webinar.

Many first-time property investors don’t realise the number of decisions they’ll need to make that can influence their financial future in a BIG way.

What to buy, where to buy, how to buy, where to start…

This brand new webinar is aimed at first time property investors who want free information and expert advice to help them get started successfully.

Don't make avoidable mistakes, invest in your education first!

Join over 10,000 other property investors who have tuned in for an REI webinar, and register today for FREE. 

When you click through, you can choose the date you wish you register for.

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[Webinar] Capital growth vs Yields / Off-The-Plan or Established

This webinar is scheduled for the following dates at 7pm

  • Tuesday 18 September
  • Tuesday 16 October

Thinking about purchasing your next investment property and wondering which strategy or asset class could be right for you? This webinar is for you!

Investing in property is a popular option for people who want to help secure their financial future.

It is also a great way to create passive income so you can support yourself in your retirement.

However, before you purchase an investment property, you will need to decide whether your priority is capital growth or high rental yields.

You will also need to thinking about the pros and cons of buying brand new and established and which could be right for your individual circumstances.

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